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Trade News is an initiative to provide you with the trade updates, tips, and news. In last few years, Tradies Blog has become Australia’s leading source of trade news.

Tradies Blog also offers in-depth information pages on trades, business, marketing in a unified and cohesive manner.

Regardless of whether you are a shopkeeper, retailer, vendor,  dealer, trader, supplier, stockist, salesman, or wholesaler; you can get benefits from Tradies blog.

Tradie Australia / Aussie Tradies

“Tradie” is a term used in Australia for a tradesperson, someone who works with their hands. Mechanics, electrician, carpenter, gardener, chippie, etc. Most tradies in Australia are self employed (sole trader) but there are also many who work as a subbie, or sub-contractor, on large jobs.

Tradie Blog’s attempt is to provide these tradies with tips, useful info and news that is related to their trades.


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